Eltham Community Hospital

The Andrews Labor Government’s promise to deliver a new community hospital in Melbourne’s northeast is on track and on time – with a site now secured.

Community Hospital Timeline

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a community hospital?
Community hospitals are small public hospitals. With extended hours to provide day and after-hours services, community hospitals will provide a range of ‘everyday’ health services, which may include:

  • urgent care service for common minor injuries and illnesses
  • day medical services such as chemotherapy and renal dialysis
  • day surgery for procedures such as cataract removal, major dental work, gynaecological procedures, colonoscopies and other minor surgical procedures that do not require an overnight stay
  • treatment and support for chronic health issues including mental health, alcohol and other drugs, pain management, diabetes and respiratory problems
  • family services including child and maternal health, family safety and women’s health
  • pathology, pharmacy and diagnostic imaging such as blood tests and x-rays
  • public dental services.

Community hospitals will be located in major growth areas across Victoria and will provide people with better access to many important ‘everyday’ health services closer to home.

What services will the Eltham area Community Hospital provide?
The Eltham area Community Hospital will provide a range of public health services such as:

  • unplanned urgent care
  • general medical and specialist appointments
  • pharmacy
  • women’s health
  • social support
  • paediatric care
  • pathology and imaging
  • public dental
  • chronic disease management
  • mental health
  • alcohol and other drug support
  • dialysis
  • day surgery
  • day chemotherapy
  • allied health and rehabilitation
  • family safety and crisis support.

Strong links to specialists, community health providers and social support services will ensure more seamless follow-up treatment and support for those who require complex care.

Where will the Eltham area Community Hospital be located?
The Eltham area Community Hospital will be a new development at 405 Ryans Road, Diamond Creek.

What are the planned construction timelines for the Eltham area Community Hospital?
The VHBA remains committed to the original timeline of construction commencing in 2022 and being complete in 2024, dependant on finalisation of the site.

Which health service provider will manage the Eltham area Community Hospital?
Austin Health will manage the Eltham area Community Hospital. Austin Health is the major provider of acute,sub-acute and specialist services in Melbourne’s north-east.

Austin Health will partner with community and local health providers to provide a comprehensive and integrated health care model for the local community. More information about Austin Health can be found on the Austin Health website.

How can I have my say on the planning for the  Eltham area Community Hospital? 
The range of services that will be provided at the community hospital will be driven by the health and wellbeing needs of the local community. 
We have established a community consultative committee to provide a forum for members of the community to have their say on the planning and development of the Eltham area Community Hospital.
To provide feedback please fill out the feedback form below.

What is a community consultative committee? 
Community consultative committees are a forums for discussion between government, locals and other stakeholders on a particular project. They provide a space where people can share their ideas, feedback and concerns on a project, and where they can be kept up-to-date with how the project is going.

Further information
Please direct project enquiries and feedback to [email protected].

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