Working Towards Safer Roads in our Community

15 June 2023

Member for Eltham, Vicki Ward MP and Member for Bundoora, Colin Brooks MP met with Greenhills resident Joanne Thom to hear about safety concerns for pedestrians on Diamond Creek Road near Greenhills Road.

Ms Thom is to be congratulated for creating a petition calling for safety improvements to Diamond Creek Road, which has increased in importance since the terrible accident there recently. Ms Thom’s petition has attracted over 3,000 signatures.

“We appreciated being able to meet with Joanne and hear her concerns. The safety of all pedestrians on Diamond Creek near Greenhills Road is important and meeting with Joanne helped start a conversation around improved infrastructure” Ms Ward said

Following from their initial meeting Vicki Ward MP, Collin Brooks MP and Ms Thom presented the petition to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety, the Hon. Melissa Horne MP recently in Parliament. They discussed the many concerns that the community has, and the potential safety previsions required to ensure improved safety on the road.

“From the meeting in Parliament we are working with the Minister to determine what measures can be taken to ensure that this road becomes safer. Thank you to everyone who signed this petition” Ms Ward said.

Vicki Ward MP will keep the community updated once she receives updates from Minister Horne.