22 March 2023

Vicki celebrates the annual Pauline Toner prize, honoring the achievements of young women who have shown leadership in our community on important issues.

Vicki WARD (Eltham) (09:54): Last week I had the pleasure of again hosting the annual Pauline Toner prize in celebration of young women in my community and International Women’s Day. This prize is named after the first female minister in the Parliament of Victoria, a trailblazing woman from my community, and I am pleased to now see her portrait hanging in Queen’s Hall. The Pauline Toner prize celebrates our future female leaders, recognising the achievements of young women who have shown leadership in promoting social justice and gender equality and preserving our natural environment. I congratulate Scarlett Harrison, Isobel Vertigan, Lois Pokun and Evey Hunter on their nominations, and I thank them for all they have done for our community. Congratulations to Martina Charalambous, who received the Pauline Toner prize this year for the leadership, passion and determination she has shown when fighting for social justice in our community, making sure everyone regardless of race, gender or ethnicity is included both at school and in her out-of-school activities.